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Feb 28 2010

Beyond Blu-ray: Movies On A Necklace?

B-Floppy became A-Floppy, which gave way to CDs, then DVDs, and now Blu-ray. The future of digital media seems to be in online video streaming, but could there be a market for hard-copy transfer? What format would it take?  The answer is both surprising and entertaining (pun intended). To begin, let’s take a look at …

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Feb 26 2010

Every Home Connected: National Internet Plan

A recent survey conducted by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) found that a whopping nearly one-third of the U.S. population (93 million people) do not subscribe to broadband at home.  The main causes have been identified, and the government plans to address them at the national level.  Le musée de la Communication de Berlin, courtesy …

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Feb 24 2010

Google Energy Aims To Pioneer Market

The internets are abuzz lately with the news that Google has obtained for its subsidiary, Google Energy, the rights to buy and sell wholesale energy.  The common reasons for this investment are known and accepted, but Google has a knack for taking the common and producing quite uncommon results.  An exploration of Google’s past and …

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Feb 21 2010

Warner Bros. Heralds Future of Video Rental

The Blockbuster closest to my house recently sold, shuttered, and gutted, grimly foreshadowing the end of the video-rental store era.  Like Sony Walkman cassette players (do my younger readers even know what these are?), VHS has all but vanished.  DVD and Blu-ray, too, are trembling before the inevitable growth of online video streaming.  Like a …

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Feb 20 2010

Update: Why Reconciliation? [Where HealthCare Stands]

Leading up to the mid-January special election for the late Senator Kennedy’s seat, I wrote a brief post on the Democrats’ backup plan if Brown won.  Well, Brown won, and reconciliation has been called for.  Here’s a deeper look at the process and how it’s being used.  Budget reconciliation is a provision of the Congressional …

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Feb 18 2010

Adobe Fights Back With AIR

In an earlier blog post, I espoused that Apple’s preference of HTML5 over Adobe Flash would likely change how video is streamed online.  While this may still be true, a deeper look into Adobe’s AIR programming foundation reveals that the answer is not so simple.  In readdressing this issue, the first thing I wanted to …

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Feb 16 2010

Harness the Power of Your Consumers

Buckets and buckets of posts have been written about the impact of mobile platforms and social networks on marketing and small businesses.  One fledgling area that is bound to explode, however, is the ability to let your users create the content you’re selling – on the fly.  Letting consumers do the work of marketing products …

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Feb 14 2010

When in Doubt, Create Art

I stumbled across yet another forgotten poem tonight while I was searching desperately for inspiration and debating whether or not to write about my college essay on nationalism and its relation to current world politics.  Yeah, thank goodness for the poem… A river of blood dapples my path; Scarlet flakes of fallen promise Cruelly wrenched …

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Feb 12 2010

Why Windex Smells So Good

Hi, my name is Wade, and I like the smell of Windex.  And fresh gasoline.  And paint.  Now, I know I’m not alone.  The highly chemical smells of these common products are love-it-or-hate-it, and I’ve had conversations with many a lover and hater alike.  The purpose of this post is to uncover why the harsh …

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Feb 10 2010

All Actors Under One Union

It’s sheer idiocy that so many of my fellow actors cannot qualify for health insurance and benefits these days.  Many factors contribute to this dilemma, including rising out-of-state production and a lack of production investment funds due to the Great Recession, but the most ridiculous of these is the work division between SAG and AFTRA.  …

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