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Mar 28 2012

The Digital Mosaic: 7 Impressive ASCII Artworks

  Think back, real hard, to the time when Music Television actually played music videos and Chia Pets were common gifts.  A time before multi-layer graphics with alpha channels and fancy compression.  A time, yes, even before you had a “clip art” library on your “Macintosh.”  In the early days of personal computing, screen graphics …

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Aug 30 2010

Letting Go Of Hope

It’s hard to think of hope as being a hindrance.  We’re taught from a young age to hold on to our hopes and our dreams no matter what happens in our lives.  While this may be generally good advice, there are times when holding on simply holds us back.   ‘inner demons’ by Drew Cusick The …

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Apr 01 2010

Optimism: Do You Make The Choice?

For most, optimists are people who always see the proverbial glass as half-full.  In truth, however, optimism is not a passive way of looking at life – it is an active, daily choice.  Read on to learn about the word, ‘optimism’ and how to apply it to your own life. The dictionary definition of optimism …

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Mar 31 2010

The Geekiest Tattoos You Ever Did See

I don’t even remember why I’m writing this post; I’ve been lost in pages and pages of geeks and inks for the last couple hours.  Here are some of the geekiest tattoos you’ve ever seen:  “Leslie” must be so proud. If you really love the Fibonacci sequence. Endless love; End of hate. Where the head …

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Mar 30 2010

A Twitter Portrait of @Alyssa_Milano

A number of Twitter tools and apps exist to help us visualise the millions of tweeple and their billions of tweets. I kept toying with one for a while, and I found it particularly well-suited to generate a snapshot of the foundational Twitter celebrity that is Alyssa Milano.  This particular Twitter tool is called, “Twitter …

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Mar 28 2010

What I’ve -Literally- Learned From Blogging

We often hear about how blogging expands our creativity, social reach, writing proficiency, branding credibility, and general knowledge.  However, I realized the other night when my brilliant topical explanation became a lecture that the general knowledge bit has really taken off.  Here’s what I’ve literally learned about from blogging.  Blogging Research Wordle by Kristina B …

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Mar 25 2010

That Funky Ampersand

What kind of a name is “ampersand,” anyway?  Where did this funky symbol come from?  Why does it mean, “and,” and where is it still used?  All these questions and more are here for the and-swering. (pun intended)  The ampersand as a symbol comes rather directly from the Latin et, meaning “and.”  In fact, the …

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Mar 24 2010

Top 20 Signs That You’re A Writer

My Top 20 signs you’re a writer.  You know you’re a writer if:   proofreading… by monsterpants 20.  You settle down for some light reading, and your friend asks you what subject you’re studying for. 19.  You feel the same way about a cracked book spine as you do about a cracked Venetian vase (despite the …

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Mar 20 2010

How To Use Love

Love is a thing we’re always searching for, but when we find it, do we know how to use it to best effect?  When we’re giving it, how do we hope it will be used?  It’s odd to talk about “using” love, but no one wants to see love squandered or abused.  Here’s how to …

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Mar 18 2010

The Art of Becoming Silent

Why, you little…  Ever felt like you could say more by not finishing your sentence?  Sometimes silence speaks volumes.  There is a word for everything, and that includes the art of not using words – welcome to aposiopesis.   Enjoy the silence by Könrad Coming from the Classical Greek, aposiopesis means literally, “becoming silent.” In English, …

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