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Mar 13 2010

Impact: NASA Moon Discovery

NASA has discovered 1.3 trillion pounds of ice across more than forty craters near the moon’s north pole.  That sounds great!  But what does it mean?  The long-awaited discovery actually holds some rather interesting implications for the near future of space exploration and possible colonization.  The first, most sensational, and most obvious conclusion to be …

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Mar 11 2010

Pykrete: The Unbreakable Ice

During World War II, some of the best and brightest minds of the British Royal Navy were hard at work figuring out how to make ice.  Well, not just any ice.  An ice stronger than ice – in fact, almost as strong as concrete!  The material was called pykrete, and although it was successfully invented …

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Mar 02 2010

Batteries: Why So Many Sizes?

AA, AAA, C, and D!  No, batteries…not bras.  Have you ever wondered why there are so many sizes of standard batteries?  Have you ever looked closely, seen that they all produce 1.5 volts, and wondered why there are so many sizes of standard batteries that do the same thing??  Here’s why.  It begins with the …

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Feb 12 2010

Why Windex Smells So Good

Hi, my name is Wade, and I like the smell of Windex.  And fresh gasoline.  And paint.  Now, I know I’m not alone.  The highly chemical smells of these common products are love-it-or-hate-it, and I’ve had conversations with many a lover and hater alike.  The purpose of this post is to uncover why the harsh …

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