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The Digital Mosaic: 7 Impressive ASCII Artworks

  Think back, real hard, to the time when Music Television actually played music videos and Chia Pets were common […]

Can Twitter Really Be Bought?

This recent Businessweek article about the strategic purchasing options of Twitter has got me fuming, and it’s not just because […]

The Evolution of Jewelry…For Phones?

Leave it to the Japanese to make use of every available nook and cranny to make something cuter. It’s way […]

Understanding Android: Three Ways to Find Your Location

It’s not all GPS.  How exactly does an Android device obtain your current location?  I had to hunt the webs […]

Idyll Ramblings 2.0

Dear Readers, Idyll Ramblings has moved from to a self-hosted WordPress!  I’ve lost the retweet/like counts, but everything else […]

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