Mar 31 2010

The Geekiest Tattoos You Ever Did See

I don’t even remember why I’m writing this post; I’ve been lost in pages and pages of geeks and inks for the last couple hours.  Here are some of the geekiest tattoos you’ve ever seen:

“Leslie” must be so proud.

If you really love the Fibonacci sequence.

Endless love; End of hate.

Where the head ends and the body begins.

BSOD! Shades of 1998 *shiver*.

Probably my fav, but XML !friendly.

This is kinda hot. #JustSayin

It’s the Golden Rule!

Oh, I’ll connect your dots…

Pen tool, ftw!

Maybe the hardest-core, given where it is.

I want some red/blue glasses to try this one out.

A popular font name in…itself.

A little disturbing, but very cool.

Gotta have a Mario tattoo.

–Reader Submitted–

 “Whitney” in binary by…Whitney

General Grievous by James

 Yoda by James

Well, I hope that was as fun for you as it was for me.  Do you have any particularly geeky tattoos you’d like to add?  Send them to me, and I’ll add them to the post!

What do you think about the tattoos featured here?

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