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Mar 15 2010

The Meaning Of Passion

What does it mean to have a passion?  The word is thrown around a lot, especially in Twitter bios; “I am passionate about…,” is a common way to let people know what you care about.  There are depths to this word, though, that few people think about or really explore.  To wit: Art is – …

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Mar 01 2010

A Unique Way to Say Thank You

Being an actor, I find myself constantly very thankful to a LOT of people.  There are people to do your hair, make-up, wardrobe, direct you, guide you, book you, drive you, etc.  Here’s how to keep the thank-you’s fresh for yourself or for the people you deal with everyday.  The third time I wanted to …

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Feb 14 2010

When in Doubt, Create Art

I stumbled across yet another forgotten poem tonight while I was searching desperately for inspiration and debating whether or not to write about my college essay on nationalism and its relation to current world politics.  Yeah, thank goodness for the poem… A river of blood dapples my path; Scarlet flakes of fallen promise Cruelly wrenched …

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Feb 12 2010

Why Windex Smells So Good

Hi, my name is Wade, and I like the smell of Windex.  And fresh gasoline.  And paint.  Now, I know I’m not alone.  The highly chemical smells of these common products are love-it-or-hate-it, and I’ve had conversations with many a lover and hater alike.  The purpose of this post is to uncover why the harsh …

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Jan 19 2010

Square Pegs, Round Holes

I found, in deleting my old and very embarrassing blog, a little poem I wrote in high school:  You say I’m blind.  But am I?The feelings might yet exist.But in the face of such denial,my hopes and dreamsdon’t stand a chance.With a heavy heart, I realize:My strongest weaponsto fight away the dark despairare insubstantial mists;ghosts …

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