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Feb 08 2010

Stage 2, Deploy! NASA in the New Millennium

When a CNN article broke today over NASA Administrator Charles Bolden’s concerns about job losses under Obama’s proposed budget (check it out: Budget of the United States Government, Fiscal Year 2011), my first reaction was of frustration and disgust.  “Always, they are stripping the space exploration budgets!” I cried.  A quick dig into the Whitehouse.gov …

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Jan 29 2010

Rise of the iPad, Fall of the Book

I have two thoughts about the new Apple iPad.  Concerning its viability, I think that it will be hugely popular despite the widespread public disappointment that greeted its unveiling.  The iPhone was a technological (and ultimately social) game-changer, and most expected the iPad to follow suit.  The truth is that the iPad will instead be …

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Jan 19 2010

Square Pegs, Round Holes

I found, in deleting my old and very embarrassing blog, a little poem I wrote in high school:  You say I’m blind.  But am I?The feelings might yet exist.But in the face of such denial,my hopes and dreamsdon’t stand a chance.With a heavy heart, I realize:My strongest weaponsto fight away the dark despairare insubstantial mists;ghosts …

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