Mar 24 2010

Top 20 Signs That You’re A Writer

My Top 20 signs you’re a writer.  You know you’re a writer if:

 proofreading… by monsterpants

20.  You settle down for some light reading, and your friend asks you what subject you’re studying for.

19.  You feel the same way about a cracked book spine as you do about a cracked Venetian vase (despite the fact that the book costs $7.99 at the local bookstore).

18.  That $7.99 at the local bookstore hurts as much as the $3.00 gallon of milk at the supermarket and the $4.00 gallon of gas at the gas station – and is just as necessary.

17.  Your lips quirk in a sly and silly smile when you unwittingly write with alliteration or assonance.

16.  You know what assonance means.

Action Scene by ryan.brady18

15.  You forget whether the scene in your head is from a movie you watched or a book that you read.

14.  You play with archaic words and sentence structure to achieve a rhyme or meter – in your daily conversation.

13.  Learning a new word is an opportunity, not a chore.

12.  You always have a dictionary, a phone app dictionary, or a dictionary bookmarked on a mobile browser handy.

11.  You’ve ever disagreed with that dictionary (or a thesaurus).

Post-it note things about Ansy by ansy

10.  You’d rather write a note than speak to someone in the same house/apartment.

9.  Your first reaction in the face of injustice…is to write a brilliant letter!

8.  You keep a journal or notebook for random thoughts – and it’s still stuffed with scribbled napkins and receipts.

7.  You have a favorite pen that writes *just* the right way and feels *just* perfectly weighted in your hand.

6.  Your friends refuse to play you at Scrabble.

 Cx by tsallam

5.  Those same friends beg you for editing and proofing help right before a deadline.

4.  You know the names of more authors than you do of television and movie celebrities.

3.  When one of those authors dies, the greatest tragedy is the unfinished book or series – not the death.

2.  You feel like you give birth to a child every time you publish.

1.  Your coffee’s gone cold, you’re beyond having to pee, and your stomach is growling furiously – well, heck, that’s always.  You’ll take care of it after one more paragraph…

Coffee and 3 Notebooks by Coffee Stained Moleskine

Do any of these particularly apply to you?  What else makes a writer?

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