Mar 30 2010

A Twitter Portrait of @Alyssa_Milano

A number of Twitter tools and apps exist to help us visualise the millions of tweeple and their billions of tweets. I kept toying with one for a while, and I found it particularly well-suited to generate a snapshot of the foundational Twitter celebrity that is Alyssa Milano.

This particular Twitter tool is called, “Twitter Spectrum.”  To use it you enter two words, separated by a comma, and it will populate the graph with a cloud of tags, usernames, and keywords that occur commonly in the moment with your search terms.  There are five colors of cloud terms, each representing different stations across the spectrum between your two words.  I stressed “in the moment” because it is a dynamic tool, and your results will vary each day that you use it.

Using the Twitter Spectrum, I graphed “Alyssa,Milano” and payed particular attention to the middle three colors to see what terms are most closely associated with her full name.  Using this tool in this way generally only works with unique and widely-used full names – you and I would not have focused enough results to paint any real picture.  Here is how Twitter visualises our Ray of Twunshine:

The most common words associated with Milano on this day are: video, hope, always, day, today, love, lol, fun, time, news, boston, red, sox, best, next, full, long, and women.  The general positivity of these words speaks to the caring and generosity we’ve all come to know and appreciate in our Twitter Big Sis.  The prominence of “lol,” even among the other major keywords, suggests an ebullient and enthusiastic character.  In being so connected to the Boston Red Sox, I’m guessing (!) she likes baseball.  Lastly, her interests align heavily with women and with the news – suggesting she’s a strong social advocate and is politically aware.

Our major words for the second day include: beautiful, live, call, thanks, tomorrow, awesome, world, lol, know, love, watch, @alyssa_milano, right, bad, pizza, fun, don’t, and haha.  The same general trend emerges from these mostly positive keywords about life and love.  We can also see that her Twitter name is @alyssa_milano; I would imagine she likes pizza; and once again, between the large “lol” and “haha,” we can see a lively and engaging spirit.

Sticking to the larger words (some interesting extras popped into this one), we see: @alyssa_milano, watch, show, romantically, challenged, abc, lol, update, fun, times, great, charming, need, and party.  At the risk of sounding like a broken record, we see that our Voice of Positivity is associated with fun, great times and apparently needs a party.  Perhaps that party is for the show we should soon watch – “Romantically Challenged,” on ABC, starring @alyssa_milano!

I would like to point out that the only major keyword that carried across all three of our snapshots was, “lol.”  Whether she herself is laughing, she inspires us to laugh, or a likely combination thereof, the conclusion is that Alyssa Milano is ever and always surrounded with laughter in the Twittersphere.  While each glimpse illuminated different aspects of her personality, the other constant was her unfailing positivity – a pillar of character for all who tweet.

In all fairness, I must admit that my cropping of the focused snapshots and resultant analysis might be biased a bit by what we already know of Alyssa Milano through being active in the Twitterverse and by my own love of her.  But seriously, who doesn’t love our Twiamond in the Tweets? (<– Too much?)

Take a look at the full pictures, as well; what else can you add to the portrait?  Who else would you like to put through the Twitter Spectrum?

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I stumbled upon this tool thanks to Khayyam Wakil and his Bit Rebels post, “You Venn Some. You Lose Sum.”  Thank you, Khayyam.


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