Apr 11 2010

[uTweet.it] Powerful Instant Presentation Feedback

You’re standing on-stage, in front of three hundred seated and raptly-staring people.  In your hand: your iPhone, remotely controlling the brilliant presentation you’re giving.  Suddenly, a little red box catches your eye from the laptop screen on the podium.

My second post at uTweet.it details a way to integrate emerging technology with large presentations to more effectively monitor instant feedback and help you more specifically address your audience.  Read an excerpt here:

The next, and coolest, step for the application would be to rate each comment on a spectrum from positive to negative and (perhaps) from mild to outspoken.  By analyzing the content of each blurb similarly to Facebook’s happiness index (rates positive, neutral and negative word usage), a value can be assigned as to the author’s feelings toward your current topic or product point.  By taking into account use of expletive punctuation or excessive capitalization, the comments can be indicated as being mild or urgent.

Displaying these scrolling comments on tinted, say, green, grey, and red backgrounds according to their rated values would provide a highly digestible and glance-ready metric for the status of your presentation.  The finishing touch would be to throw in a larger box with rotating popular keywords from the currently aggregated feedback and a background colored to reflect the overall/average mood rating. (Read more)

Click through to read this article, and take the opportunity to sniff around this awesome site.

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