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Apr 11 2010

[uTweet.it] Powerful Instant Presentation Feedback

You’re standing on-stage, in front of three hundred seated and raptly-staring people.  In your hand: your iPhone, remotely controlling the brilliant presentation you’re giving.  Suddenly, a little red box catches your eye from the laptop screen on the podium.  My second post at uTweet.it details a way to integrate emerging technology with large presentations to …

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Apr 04 2010

[uTweet.it] Future Typing: Four Ways to Input Text

The physical QWERTY keyboard is, and will be for some time, the most common way to input text to a desktop or laptop.  With the expansion of tablet and slate computing, however, these bulky, mechanical devices are sure to go out of style.  Or are they?  Let’s look at the currently available options for text …

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Apr 03 2010

The [uTweet.it] Series

As some of you may know, I have been writing a weekly article for the startup online magazine, uTweet.it.  For the sake of better exposure for both the magazine and my own articles, I’m going to start posting summaries of each article here.  First, though, some information on the publication.  Conceived by Paul Clarke in …

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