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Mar 20 2010

How To Use Love

Love is a thing we’re always searching for, but when we find it, do we know how to use it to best effect?  When we’re giving it, how do we hope it will be used?  It’s odd to talk about “using” love, but no one wants to see love squandered or abused.  Here’s how to …

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Mar 19 2010

Are You A Citizen Of This New Nation?

FCC Chairman, Julius Genachowski, has been in the news a lot recently speaking about the future of broadband internet access in America and what we can do to develop it.  One phrase being stressed is digital citizenship – are you an effective citizen of this new, digital nation?  Citizenship@MaRS by mars_discovery_district To find the answer, …

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Mar 18 2010

The Art of Becoming Silent

Why, you little…  Ever felt like you could say more by not finishing your sentence?  Sometimes silence speaks volumes.  There is a word for everything, and that includes the art of not using words – welcome to aposiopesis.   Enjoy the silence by Könrad Coming from the Classical Greek, aposiopesis means literally, “becoming silent.” In English, …

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Mar 17 2010

So Do You Bump Me Or Do I Card You?

Adding people you meet in the wide world to your social networks can be a chore.  Thankfully, the necessary information can be listed on business cards, but a popular mobile app now offers to streamline the process (at least for Facebook).  Which is better: paper or phone app?  In meeting a lot of people on …

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Mar 16 2010

Breaking Language Barriers

In the beginning, communication was hindered by distance.  Now, all that stands in the way of universal communication is language.  As computers and their programs grow faster and smarter, even this barrier is falling.  Join me as we take a brief snapshot of the budding industry of real-time translation.  Online translation went mainstream (in the …

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Mar 15 2010

The Meaning Of Passion

What does it mean to have a passion?  The word is thrown around a lot, especially in Twitter bios; “I am passionate about…,” is a common way to let people know what you care about.  There are depths to this word, though, that few people think about or really explore.  To wit: Art is – …

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Mar 14 2010

The Lasting Power Of Twitter

All good things must go, and that will eventually include Twitter as we know it.  Until that time, Twitter has some fundamental qualities and current developments that will help it to weather the storms of Facebook, Google Buzz, and other social media challengers.  A double-edged sword that tends to work in Twitter’s favor is the …

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Mar 13 2010

Impact: NASA Moon Discovery

NASA has discovered 1.3 trillion pounds of ice across more than forty craters near the moon’s north pole.  That sounds great!  But what does it mean?  The long-awaited discovery actually holds some rather interesting implications for the near future of space exploration and possible colonization.  The first, most sensational, and most obvious conclusion to be …

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Mar 12 2010

Technology Gives Sound To Silent Speech

It’s already annoying enough dealing with the Bluetooth People.  You know the ones – talking to thin air, sometimes even right at you (ugh), while they’re on the phone.  But that’s nothing compared to what’s coming: people having a full phone conversation by silently moving their mouths.  Yes, it’s being developed, and here are the …

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Mar 11 2010

Pykrete: The Unbreakable Ice

During World War II, some of the best and brightest minds of the British Royal Navy were hard at work figuring out how to make ice.  Well, not just any ice.  An ice stronger than ice – in fact, almost as strong as concrete!  The material was called pykrete, and although it was successfully invented …

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