Apr 04 2010

[uTweet.it] Future Typing: Four Ways to Input Text

The physical QWERTY keyboard is, and will be for some time, the most common way to input text to a desktop or laptop.  With the expansion of tablet and slate computing, however, these bulky, mechanical devices are sure to go out of style.  Or are they?  Let’s look at the currently available options for text input and what might stick around.

This was my first article for the online magazine, uTweet.it.  In it, I discuss four popular categories for text input in computing devices and what we can expect from each in the future.  An excerpt:

In spite of this, virtual keyboards have many benefits.  One less physical component or accessory is always a good thing in going mobile or saving on production costs.  A screen can also be adapted to show any manner of keyboard options in the same space – allowing multiple language layouts or game controls on the same device at the touch of an icon.  Anything digital is also customizable, and I guarantee you’ll see custom-color and designer keyboard layouts available by download or hack.  This option for text input is widely regarded to be the immediate future of typing, but it will have to overcome resistance from physical keyboard lovers. (Read more)

Click through to read this article, and take the opportunity to sniff around this awesome site.

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